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Playing solo unveils my essence. The beauty and elegance I find in music. A private feeling I dare to express.

Feel the beat in my rhythm! A complete repertoire to make you jump and dance 'till you can't, fall in love or even close your eyes to enjoy yourself.

You can find my performances on clubs, events, and international venues.



Meet The Spinoff! We are a live band trio based in Barcelona with lots of rhythm in our soul.

From Nat King Cole & Elvis Presley to present day hits, we enjoy keeping the beat with swing, rockabilly, rhythm & blues, Latin music, and soul.

We've performed in conventions, events, private parties, and clubs in Spain, Italy, and France

Looking to rock 'n roll the party or creating an enchanting ambiance? The Spinoff is here to please the mood of your ears.

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Are your more into electronic music? Or into rock ’n roll? If you are just looking forward to get the party started, here I am!

I’m constantly reading the mood on the dance floor and selecting the most suitable songs to make your event special and unforgettable. I've worked in international venues mixing all different styles and adapting to any music requirements.