Andreu Cañadell-Bio.jpg

Hi everyone!

I'm a musician based in Barcelona who grew up listening  to my mum's lullabies when I wasn't even able to speak :)

At the age of 4, my fingers started feeling the vibe of the piano notes, and grew up as a classical music artist. I am glad to say I even won some awards. 

Later on, curiosity appeared. I experimented with many music styles. From the swing of jazz to the beat of salsa, I explored outside my confort zone. I have never stopped since. Now, I incorporate singing to my performances to deliver a complete experience for the audience.

I’ve travelled the world performing in more than 20 countries around Africa, America, Europe, and Asia. I’ve been part of grand theatre productions, musicals, live bands, orchestras, and private parties.

I invite you to explore my work and follow my beat!